Friday, March 11, 2011

Here we go again

 So here we go, again In a small closet there is a little girl. She is hiding there behind he sister's dresses and the Sunday shoes. The beat up sneakers and smelly socks. All the way in the back, can you see her ? Blond hair that catches the little bit of light, dirty elbows from playing in the dirt. There just barely you can see a band aid on her knee. Maybe you wonder why she is hiding here in the dark. Maybe you think she is playing. I mean after all she is so little. Why else? there are others of you that know. You know what it is like to put your back to the wall and stare out into this world from the dark. You have probably guessed that she is afraid. You don't know why she is scared but I do. Perhaps you don't care either. Well I tried that too.  So If you don't want to know then go away. Because I am going to let her tell the world why. Why on this day is she hiding in the closet.
" They took my clothes she whispers. they tied the leash to my neck, they made me eat the dog food again." She doesn't even cry anymore. ( i am afraid of dog food)

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