Monday, March 15, 2010


I am a loser it is confirmed. I am  also so mad that I could spit pit bulls. So E-dog today. I think things are going fine. She pulls out the old "therapy interfering behavior for her" shit. That means in DBT language that something that I am doing is wrong. Then she proceeds to tell me that continuing to call her being suicidal is not working for her. That it is "Stage One" work. So basically she doesn't want to hear it. she wants me to be in quiet desperation. so in other words my once a week phone call to ask for support to not swallow my fucking pills. Is too much for her and I need to keep my mouth shut. So that is what stage two work is people suffer in silence. with a little opposite action thrown in. Oh yeah don't do anything stupid like cut your self with a razor or take a dozen or two sleeping pills or heaven for bid stick your fingers down your throat. Because then your well I mean me. your a fucking stage one treadmil walking loser

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