Saturday, February 6, 2010

old store in town

So, A couple of days ago I am looking up new supplements for blood sugar and thyroid so I can get some help. Low and be hold, I come across a total supplement and herbal store in af. Who woulda thunk it? so yesterday I venture in. Wait, a bit of a back ground. I am a pill junkie. Dietary supplements can get me into real trouble. I know this walking into the store. I am not here for diet pills. I tell myself this over and over in my head. Chanting it like a gregorian monk in a prayer of mercy.  The lady asks me if I need some help. " Oh fuck!" I think she knows I want diet pills." No thanks," I tell her. Because this is part of the attraction. I want to look at all the pretty bottles and shake them.  I want to hear them rattle their soothing sounds at me. Okay so standing by the big book of remedies thats tells you what every thing is.  What the side effects are going to be like.  I take a look around. Guess what? No DIET PILLS! nope not one. none there are not any in the whole damn store.  Relief floods me my chanting stops. I can get my thyroid and glucose helpers and be gone. I can look at these bottles. there is not a stacker or a hydroxycut or xenedrine among them. I check the book. The only thing in it for weight at all is for people who are under weight. Hip Hip.

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