Tuesday, February 2, 2010

sisters sham and grace

univited to a family dinner. I feel as though my sisters forget that I exist. When the need something or they want something they call.. I give it to them yearning for the attetion that they dole out like a tooth fairy giving away quarters and dimes. the lady that keeps me sane says that this is reminisent of trauma and the un abilitynto reclaim my right to say no. She wants me to practice saying no and being less door matish. I find myself climbing back into the cave of my soul. Letting people walk all over me. untill things happen like today. I invited myself to the family dinner. tah dah problem solved no walking on me and a night out with the neices and nephews. therapist clapped here and gave the most wonderful smile and wink. not creepy like just validating. she is perfect. then came the skills worksheet for  interpersonal effectivness and scene

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  1. and scene!


    and I'm proud of you too.. I'm so glad there is a "lady that keeps you sane," and just hearing about her keeps me partially sane too.
    Its late and you're dreaming, so I believe I'm going to go and disrupt this REM cycle you're in.